Asset Preservation

Asset Preservation

Asset Preservation is our goal for your family. Whether you or a loved one is threatened with exorbitant nursing home costs or high estate taxes, the Lugg Law Office is here to preserve your family assets by helping you find solutions

New Federal Estate Tax Law

The Laws regarding Federal Estate and Gift Tax were changed beginning January 1, 2021. See our Legal Topic link for more information.

Protect your Assets from Nursing Home Costs

Do you have a family member facing a long term stay in a nursing home?

You can save thousands of dollars it you know how to use medical assistance to pay for nursing home care.

Call our office and we will show you:

  • How to make sure your home is not lost to nursing home care.
  • How married couples can keep all of their assets even if one of them is in a nursing home.

You may save thousands of dollars of estate tax if you call our office to learn:

  • How married couples through the use of trusts can protect certain sums from any Federal Estate Tax.
  • How tax planning during our settlement of your estate can reduce income taxes to both your estate and surviving family members.

If you’re interested in our consultation, you can get a head-start by filling out our questionnaire and dropping it off at our office two days before your scheduled appointment. Download our Estate Planning Questionnaire (PDF).